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Welcome To NorthSide Regeneration

NorthSide Regeneration’s vision is for a large-scale and holistic transformation of a two-square mile section of north St. Louis City. Today, the area is on the cusp of a remarkable and comprehensive regeneration that would mean jobs, opportunity, economic self-sustenance and minority wealth creation.

With a development plan covering over 1,500 contiguous acres all located less than a mile from Downtown St. Louis, The Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium – and with $390 million TIF approved for public infrastructure improvements – NorthSide Regeneration provides a unique and remarkable opportunity to apply new technologies in health, energy, transportation, housing and education. To date, $107 million in private investments have funded the acquisition of 2,300 individual lots, development planning and the start of site clean-up.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) West Headquarters has committed to building a $1.75 billion campus on a 100-acre site within the development that would support 7,200 jobs with an average salary of approximately $95,000.

Additional plans for NorthSide Regeneration include 3 million square feet for offices, 2 million square feet for retail, 1 million square feet for tech, 3,000 market rate residential units and a primary care hospital. Part of the redevelopment project includes a ZOOM gas station and convenience store and GreenLeaf Market near the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Creating jobs is the primary motivator behind the project – with a goal of more than 43,000 construction jobs and 22,000 permanent jobs generated by the development’s activity.